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In the Beginning

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

You are more qualified to teach your kids than you think.

We’re Bruce and Cindy Gates, founders of Tao Farm Home Education Leadership.

Based out of Oregon, we are parents to nine incredible humans and grandparents to nine more. We’ve been homeschooling for over 30 years and believe educating our youth is the greatest task you will accomplish in a lifetime.

Home education may seem daunting, especially during this global crisis, but we’re here to tell you the rewards far outweigh the challenges. You are more qualified to teach your kids than you think. At Tao Farm, we empower you to home education holistically for all grades. We offer

e-books and digital resources to teach your children in a way that reduces stress and builds relationships.

Our approach is student and interest led. It means you don’t have to agonize over curriculum or schedules in order for your child to learn. It means that you get to foster deep connections while your children engage their critical thinking skills and encourage their inborn love of learning. This doesn’t mean we’re tossing structure out the window. When students are passionate about what they are learning they will structure and discipline themselves. You task is to keep good records, of all that they try out, err, and ultimately accomplish.

Given our current circumstances being flexible is necessary. If you’re feeling uncertainty, anxiety or doubt, there’s a good chance your kids are feeling something similar. This is the time to be gentle and patient with ourselves, and them, and role model a solution. Our kids are looking to us for guidance now more than ever. Let’s nurture them into the adults our future needs-- critical thinking, compassionate, problem-solving leaders.

I had a math teacher once ask me, "Are you feeling frustrated yet?" I just looked at her askance and she finished with, "If you are, then your learning. It's a prerequisite in all learning endeavors. Hang in there. You'll get it."

Let us support you on your journey.

We want to share our experience and resources with you. Read our home education blog for mindset guidance, curriculum ideas, teaching techniques and more.

We’re here to empower you and your children to teach and learn on your own terms. Reach out to us!

We’re all in this together.

"Love to Learn, Learn to Live"

Bruce & Cindy

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