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Learn How To Homeschool Children at Tao Farm

If you're wondering how to homeschool children, you're not alone. Until recently, the homeschooling community was a smaller group of people. Now, with the new normal, a homeschool education may be the choice for a lot more people. With 30 years of home educating, you could say we know a few things about homeschool education. Our home education adventure began in a1958 Chevy school bus. We decided to learn how to homeschool children because a broken education system was not serving our kids. Today, there's also the added risk of catching more than the common viruses. All of our nine children eventually got their GED's and attended college. Over half of them earned degrees.

As you learn how to homeschool children, you'll feel empowered by our values and our joy of learning. We'll teach you how to help your children with critical thinking skills, leadership training, and all the skills you need to learn how to homeschool children with positive and loving guidance.

We want to work with you to create a world where parenting and educating are synonymous. A homeschool education is learning that's led by students' interests and guided by parent educators who know how to homeschool children in a way that builds the critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills they need to have a successful life.

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