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Welcome to Tao Farm Home Education Leadership


We are Bruce and Cindy Gates, parents of 9 incredible people, grandparents to 10 more and stewards of an organic farm in the Pacific Northwest. We have over 30 years of experience homeschooling and want to share our knowledge with you.

We believe educating our young is the greatest accomplishment of a lifetime. We empower parent-educators to nurture their child’s potential through student lead learning. 

We offer home education books, educational blogs and consultations.


• Empowerment 

• Joy of learning 

• Critical thinking 

• Leadership 


To create a world where parenting and educating are synonymous, where learning is led by students’ interests and guided by parent educators to build the skills our future needs-- critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership. 


To empower parents to homeschool their kids in a way that’s legal, fun for all, led by students’ curiosity and designed to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills in kids and parents alike by role modeling, and continued life long learning ourselves. 

Our Gifts 

We give parents both practical, intellectual, and spiritual guidance in the form of workshops, seminars, video and written material, to home educate their children without stress, eliminate the negative side effects of a traditional 'fill-the-vessel' education and give their kids the opportunity to fulfill their true potential. 

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